"Categorically the best resource to do with Retroactive Jealousy that I have ever read. I can't tell you the amount of years I've found it hard to let go of my partner's sexual past. It all stemmed from 'that' conversation. After a month I feel like I've finally put this condition to bed (no pun intended). Early days, but I'm feeling positive."

Luke, Country Antrim, Northern Ireland

Retroactive Jealousy

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"I initially booked in at The Panic Room for my anxiety. I also suffered from Retroactive Jealousy, but failed to realise the strong link between the conditions. Talking and working with Joshua seemed to simplify things and make them more manageable. I rarely respond negatively to intrusive thoughts now. This has helped the unwanted thoughts to not become a habit any more. Retroactive Jealousy now seems simple on the surface, but seems utterly complex when it is meshed with an anxiety condition. Many thanks Joshua" 

Sean, 21, Leeds, UK

"Just providing a review on request. I've had 3 sessions at The Panic Room using Skype. Was weird at first but I soon felt at ease. Joshua has really helped me to stop the anxiety surrounding the retroactive jealousy and I can finally see the thoughts for what they are - just thoughts! Never had counselling before. I'd really recommend this guy." Eric, Boston, USA

"After reading the book it struck me how skewed my perception of retroactive jealousy was. Finally, I'm Out was a book that. after reading, helped me to realise how irrationally my overall outlook was. It helped me to look at my perceptions and the anxious response to intrusive thoughts. I'm doing really well at the moment. My relationship has improved drastically and I still insist on re-routing the thoughts. Powerful book. Many thanks."

Carlton, 34, Manchester, UK

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