Retroactive Jealousy

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What is Retroactive Jealousy?

Retroactive Jealousy – ‘Retro’ meaning backwards in Latin and ‘active’ meaning present time - is the imaginative conjuration or reconstruction of sexual infidelity which involves our partners as the focal point. 

Retroactive Jealousy is the relatively modern term given to a condition where the person suffers from obsessive and intrusive thoughts about their partner’s sexual past. It can vary in severity from person to person, with it not being uncommon for sufferers to experience the thoughts and feelings it produces several times a day. It is a condition that can affect both sexes, although from observational and primary research it seems to affect men more.

It is important to understand that Retroactive Jealousy is formed as a branch or symptom of generalized anxiety. This is important to understand In order to come to terms with the condition and eventually overcome it. 

Retroactive Jealousy Counselling and Advice

Further to the book, Joshua now uses his successful counselling and advice practice - The Panic Room ®  - to provide professional advice for people suffering from the symptoms of Retroactive Jealousy. The Panic Room is open to people from around the world, as it utilizes the mediums of telephone and video calling to reach their clients.

Counselling rates are affordable and are conducted by Joshua himself. Sessions are available subject to demand and availability. For more information visit the Counselling and Advice page.

Furthermore, if you'd like to browse The Panic Room's official website, then you can by following this link

Retroactive Jealousy Help

Welcome to Retroactive, the home of the popular self-help book, Retroactive Jealousy Finally, I'm Out and the route access to professional advice for the condition. This site was created by best-selling author and anxiety expert, Joshua Fletcher and acts as a sister site for his counselling practice, The Panic Room ®.

Retroactive Jealousy Book

In October 2015, Joshua Fletcher releasedRetroactive Jealousy Finally, I'm Out in order to help those who live with the condition. This is his second book after his first best-selling book Anxiety: Panicking about Panic. This book has topped the UK best-sellers list under the Mental Health and Mood Disorder categories.

Retroactive Jealousy Finally I'm Out provides a refreshing perspective on the life-crippling condition and has been met with widespread praise from various online communities. Much like his previous book, Finally I'm Out is written from the perspective of a previous sufferer. Joshua combines his research with his own experiences in order to guide the reader to beating the condition. 

The book came as a result of widespread demand from RJ forum members. Over the last couple of years there has been a positive, communal request for Joshua to put his thoughts and advice down in a book. Subsequently, the book has helped many people beat the condition since its recent release.